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Junctional Epidermolysis bullosa (JEB)

Junctional Epidermolysis bullosa (JEB) is an umbrella term for all forms of EB, in which the blisters are formed precisely in the connective segment between the outer most skin layer/epidermis and corium/dermis. "Junctional" comes from the Latin word "iunctio", which means something like "connection". This joining segment is also referred to as the basement membrane. In JEB it is a rule that more problems can be observed than just the blistering of the skin. The individual forms of JEB differ significantly depending on which component is affected by the genetic modification. Therefore, in cases of suspected JEB it is particularly important to know the exact diagnosis, if you want be prepared for the future course of the disease.

Important points in a nutshell
  • Junctional Epidermolysis bullosa (JEB) is an umbrella term for all forms of EB, where the blister formation occurs wihtin the joining segment of the epidermis and dermis.
  • JEB is caused by mutations in different genes, and the various forms differ significantly from one another.
  • In addition to the blisterin of the skin, there are usually additional problems.